3D Animated Charts

MovingChart allows editors to add high-quality  3D charts and graphs directly to the show. You can easily animate the data, as well as the complete chart  in full three dimensions.

The resulting chart is of high quality and fully anti-aliased. MovingChart will make bar, area, line, marker and pie-style charts  with all the various parts that comprise it completely adjustable.

Data can be easily imported from any spreadsheet or text file. The resulting chart can then be overlaid on a moving video background.

Because you can preview the motion in real time without any rendering,  the design process is very rapid. All motion paths are smooth, splined, and tapered. Motion is field-rendered to sub-pixel accuracies as AVI  movies.


You can easily apply textures to the walls and data elements of charts using any one of the supplied texture files, or you can even create your own textures.


Pricing and Availability

MovingChart for Windows is available now for $199. We are currently offering a special price of $99.  

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